Variable Swirl Diffusers

1. General Introduction

FK-VTD variable swirl diffusers are one of latest seres of products of our company. They are applicable for spaces with a height of more than 3.8m, such as air port, waiting hall in stations, theatre, stadium, industrial workshop, business hall, large conference room, reception hall, shared space in department store, and etc.

FK-VTD variable swirl diffusers adopts hydrokinetics principle for the design of its blade, by which the blade pushes the currently by means of swirl with a certain initial velocity to achieve a larger throw distance, bigger space covered by a jet, and more efficient convection current effect. Meanwhile the blade could change its quadrant angle to adapt to different conditions by blowing rotating current of horizontal, slant, and vertical directions.

We provide manual, electric, automatic temperature control for this product. To meet the requirement of customer, we can supply electric actuator, our patent product: automatic temperature controller.

2. Representation Format for VTD model

3. Feature

·Supply 6 optional specifications, i.e., 315, 400, 630, 800, 1000, 1200;

·Averaging air blowing, and variable shape of air current;

·Easy installation; connected and hung directly with hooks;

·White as standard paint color for the surface; paint of other color

4. Three Conditions

5. Symbol Definitions

6. Technical Specifications

(1) Air blowing press loss and noise level

9. control mode

Motor driven swirl diffuser could be divided into two types, i.e., switch control and proportional control, in accordance with the control mode of its electric operation structure.

Continuous adjustment is not applicable for moving blade in the swirl diffuser of switch controlled type. Moving blade could not be adjusted to the maximum position and minimum position to adapted to summer and winter (fresh air) conditions.

Two options for operating voltage: AC220V/50Hz and AC24V/Hz, are available, whereas AC220V/50Hz is the default one for operating voltage. It could be controlled easily through common switch on walls by means of either one to one or one to multiple. Power consumption for each swirl diffuser with AC220V/50Hz as operating voltage normally will exceeding 20VA, and for that with AC220V/50Hz normally will not exceed 5VA. Connection isindicated in the following figures:

Dynamical blade of swirl diffuser of proportional control type could be adjusted proportionally pertaining to the outside signals to adapt to ventilation in summer and springs as well as winter. The operating voltage types are AC24V/50Hz/ and DC 24V, and the control signal is 2-10 VDC or 0-10 VDC.

The rotation angle of dynamical blade of swirl diffuser could be controlled by localizer, which may be one to one or one to multiple. The power consumption for each swirl diffuser normally will not exceed 5 VA. Connection is indicated in the following figures:

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