Providing Comfort and Process Chillers
Specific specializes in production of Engineered Compressorised Cooling Systems. Our goal is provide properly designed, reliable and diverse quality chillers to domestic and international market. Our extensive engineering expertise and manufacturing versatility enables us to provide product to a broad spectrum of standard and unique customer applications in a large capacity range from 3.5 KW to 350 KW.
Operating from the manufacturing facilities located at Noida and Ahemdabad, Specific has quality assurance stations, test and product development areas required to meet the needs of the most discerning customers. Our engineers department comprises of professional, mechanical and design engineers committed to provide equipments that meets the application requirements.
Each of our equipment is produced as a single-minded commitment to Quality and Service. Be it a chiller for providing cooling water for comfort conditions or a cooling system for a production process. Upon completion of the product, we invite our customers to our factory to witness the run test. Our test facilities provides for actual operation of equipment prior to delivery. By witnessing the equipment run test, our customers are able to confirm their design criteria and receive specific equipment training to efficiently operate the systems.
At Specific we believe that meeting customer needs and expectations defines the value. We work closely with our customers to fully understand their needs and guides them to the best cooling solutions.
On time. This word means more than simply shipping a product when we say we will. At Specific this means an on time commitment for product delivery, technical assistance and overall customer service.
  That is the kind of commitment you expect from the company you TRUST.  
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